Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ferrari 308 QV

Executive Summary By: Dennis Dater 

The QV in the model number stood for "quattrovalvole". Two intake and two exhaust valves. Doesn't sound like a major change, but in terms of horsepower it increased from 205 bph to 230 or 235 bph. This increase was just enough to make the Ferrari a desirable sports car again.

It was still a mid engine, 2 passenger sports car. Some of the mechanical features of the QV models were a tubular steel chassis, which gave the car excellent rigidity but at the cost of greater weight. Twin distributors, one for each bank of the V8 engine were standard. Driver height was limited to just over 6 feet on the GTB model and taller drivers on the GTS model if you liked driving with the top open.

Some of the unique features were a radiator and battery in the front compartment along with a spare tire and the engine in the back. Unfortunately the results were additional heat being felt by the passenger. Dennis Dater has been interested in cars since he drove a 1952 MG TD to highschool. 

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