Monday, May 16, 2011

Class of Bentley

Make Sure Your Bentley Is Covered - Find the Right Insurance
Executive Summary By Paul J.

If you've just purchased a Bentley, then you're living the dream. For that, though, you need to make sure that you have the right insurance for your Bentley.
Considering the Car
Finding the right insurance begins with the fact that you're driving a Bentley. Your insurer will want to take this information into account when creating your policy because a Bentley is an expensive high-end car. Its also a high risk vehicle to insure. If your Bentley is a classic car, you'll need to look even further a field for the right insurance-to collector's insurance. The other important component to finding the right insurance for your Bentley is you-the driver.
Consider your driving habits as well as your ideal budget before contacting an insurance company. The right insurance is the insurance that will cover you properly in the event of an accident after all.

Bentley Convertibles
Executive Summary By Grant

Bentley cars over the years have attained iconic status in the automotive world. Convertibles are the cars that show everyone that the driver is very sporty, loves the open road, and just loves driving. One of the most popular convertibles from the Bentley lineup is the modern Bentley Azure. First made in 1995, the Bentley Azure is a 4-seater convertible that continues to evolve over the years. The first Azure was a car designed around the Continental R platform, making it a very stable and very high-performance vehicle. At 210 inches long, and 5,750+ lbs. heavy, the first Azure was an imposing vehicle, startling and surprising onlookers with its massive size. This time, the Azure would be using the Arnage platform, and would use a Bentley turbocharged V8 twin-turbocharged engine able to put out 450 hp. The latest incarnation of the Azure is the Azure T, which features and even more powerful engine, in addition to modern features like an iPod and USB dock, Electronic Stability Programme, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, and more.

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